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Ground Rules:

1.  Speed limit of 5 miles per hour for all types of vehicles.

2.  Vehicles must stay on established roadways.

3.  No vehicles hill or embankment climbing.

4.  No alcoholic beverages in show, event, or exhibit area.

5.  All trash and refuse is to be picked up and properly disposed of at home.

6.  The Board of Big Rapids Antique Farm & Power Club has the right to deny

     permission for anyone to drive or ride on any vehicle or piece of equipment at

     any club function for any reason.

Tractor Rider Rules

1.  Drivers must be over 10 years of age or OK'd by board members to operate

     any tractor or other motorized vehicle.

2.  Operator must have complete control of equipment being run.  (A child sitting

     on the tractor seat while the operator stands on the axle or draw-bar is not

     allowed if the child cannot reach the brakes, clutch, steering, on/off switch or

     the throttle).

3.  Riders must have a safe place to stand or sit.  If riding on a fender, it must be

     solidly mounted on the tractor and have sufficient place to hang on to.  Also,

     you need enough tire/fender clearance so as not to hit the tire, causing an

     accident.  Small kid's seats will be 'ok' as long as they are securely mounted

     on tractor.

4.  Extra seats:  They can be used as long as they are mounted securely and in a

     safe manner.  They must be strong enough to hold the person using them. 

     On small tractors, if seat is behind operator, the tractor must have enough

     front weight to keep steering control at all times, even on the hills.  There

     must be a place for the rider to place their feet and not be close to any power

     shafts or lifts which they could get caught on if in operation by accident.

5.  Standing riders are allowed but under the following provisions:

     a.  On tractors, there must be a minimum of a 12 inch by 12 inch (or larger)

          plate platform securely fastened to stand on.

     b.  If standing on the rear axle housing, a platform must be in place and

          fenders are required so riders can't fall onto the tire.  The fender may be

          used as a handhold, fenders are not needed when using a draw-bar


     c.  On the draw-bar a 12 inch by 12 inch plate (or larger) must be bolted in a

          safe manner so it is solid.  The tractor seat may be used for a handhold. 

          Fenders are not needed when using a draw-bar platform.

6.  Small children may be seated on the driver's seat with the driver as long as

     the driver is in full control of the tractor at all times and the child is safe on

     the seat.

Garden Tractor Pull Rules

Dirt Track Transfer Sled

1.  Must be factory chassis and transmission.  One engine only (small engine

     type), no more than 4000 RPM.  No snowmobile or motorcycle engines.  RPM's

     will be checked prior to and after pull.  All modified exhaust must be pointed

     straight up.  Stock exhaust may either be straight up or out.  No mower decks

     or other tools on tractor allowed.  Speed limits may be enforced.

2.  Tractors must be weighted in and registered 30 minutes prior to pull.  No

     weight or gas added after weigh in.

3.  Rubber tires only.  No duals or 4-wheel drives.  Top cut only.  No cutting to

     front of bar or into the casing.

4.  Tractors must have reverse and functional steering.  Must have wheelie bars

     (no spring devises) and deemed safe by the club.

5.  NO bouncing in seat and one had on steering wheel at all times.  No jerking

     the sled.  This will be ENFORCED.

6.  Stationary hitches only with a 1.5" opening, no more than 13" high and no

     farther than 3.5" behind radius of rear tire.

7.  Weights no more than 16" from front of tractor and rear weights no more than

     24" from center of rear axle.  Keep weight brackets at reasonable width.

8.  Weights must be secure.  Anything falls off tractor, pull will be disqualified.

9.  Puller will get one attempt and must obey flagman at all times or be


10. There are 4 classes: 850#, 950#, 1050#, and 1250# with a tire size limit of


11. $10.00 entry fee.  One driver per tractor per class.

12. Minors must be 12 years old, have a parent's signature and have complete

      control of tractor.  Parents must be present during minor's pull.

13. Pullers: no drugs or alcohol before or during pull.

14. Contestants will not hold parties responsible for damages, injuries, or theft at


15. JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL.  Any unsportsmanlike conduct; puller will be

     barred from pull for remainder of season.

Kids 8-11 years old 700#class.  Sames rules as above.  $5.00 hook fee.

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